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Privacy Policy Of Best Pill Store

At Best Pill Store when you request services, information we may ask you to provide personal information to complete these transactions and deliver the information. The types of personal information that you provide to us may include your basic information such as your Name, Contact Number, Address and E-mail Address, (for communicating) or other exclusive information such as user ID’s and Passwords. We may also collect contact preference information and employment background data.

In addition to the Information that you provide to Best Pill Store, may collect non-personal information during your visit to our Website. Such anonymous information includes, but is not limited to, certain standard data that your browser sends to the Site such as your internet browser type and language, access times, and the address of the website from which you arrived at the Best Pill Store Website. We may also collect information about your IP address (Internet Protocol).

Personal statistics and profile data can be used to adapt your experience at the Site, for example, to show you content you may be interested in.

Best Pill Store may engage or connect with third-party service providers to support or administer Best Pill Store services, include this Site. These service providers may collect your personal information on behalf of Best Pill Store. For example, Best Pill Store engages a third-party service provider, which collects E-mails address from individuals (Persons) who subscribe to Best Pill Store Updates.

Best Pill Store might store some information on your computer hard-disk in the form of a ‘cookie’ to help you to purchase medicines from Best Pill Store, to store information, such as personal preference. Additionally Best Pill Store’s third-party service providers may use information obtained throughout ‘cookies’ for the purpose of classifying your use of the Site, collect reports and information on Site activity and Internet usage.

Cookies: – Cookies are files, frequently including unique identifiers that are sent by the web servers to the web browsers, and then which may be sent back to the server every time by the browser requests a page from the server.

Cookies can be use by web servers to identify and follow users as they navigate different pages on a website, and to recognize users returning/recurring to a website.

Rarely we authorize third-party to access on behalf of Best Pill Store in the confidential details, when you pay for any order, credit card information may be collected by Best Pill Store via Website, or you may be securely transferred from the Site to an Best Pill Store third-party service provider or supplier, which may collect debit card or credit card information and other personal information for the purpose of further processing your payment on behalf of Best Pill Store. Credit card information which is obtained by Best Pill Store through its Site is handled securely, in conformity with applicable laws and regulations & together with payment card industry standards for such information.

Best Pill Store does not sell to third-party any personal or financial information gathered on this Site it is safe & secured from our privacy department at Best Pill Store.

When personal information is no longer needed, Best Pill Store disposes of the Personal data which has gathered in such a way as to keep the security and confidentiality of the matter, such as erasing, shredding, or rendering personal information to be unreadable.

We manage our server environment and our firewall infrastructure is strictly complying to. Our security Systems are reviewed periodically and we make use of current technologies to help us in protecting the confidentiality of your all information privacy.

By logging into the Site (Best Pill Store), you signify your agreement to the terms & conditions of this Policy and any changes thereof and that you discharge and hold risk-free Best Pill Store, its members, directors, officers, employees, contractors and all claims issuing from information you provide or pass on to Best Pill Store in an unsecured manner.

If you have any questions regarding to this Policy, the use of the Site or your interactions with this Site, you can contact to Best Pill Store via E-mail or phone.


Phone:- +1-727-474-1439.


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