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Refund Policy Of Best Pill Store

No refund shall be acceptable once your package has been dispatched to the shipping address. In the event of a refund, money transfer charges shall be borne by the purchaser.

Due to local laws & federal laws of US, we cannot receive medicines back after they were shipped – if in the improbable event your order did not reach your destination or was lost – we will send another parcel or refund as per your request.

Once you receive your medicines, we will only provide a refund if the product is damaged, broken down, expired or spoiled during shipping. If there are any problems regarding with your order please contact to our pharmacy within one week of delivery. Your claim will be carefully studied and appropriate steps will be taken immediately to stay away from similar problems in the future. If you feel you are entitled to a refund, please notify us frankly instead of contacting your bank or credit card company. We cannot recommend a refund if you first make a claim directly with your Bank or Credit Card Company.

Best Pill Store will only provide a refund for complaints received within 20 days from the date of the purchase. If you have paid via a bank transfer for your order then for refund we will minus the amount of $40 (USD) as a bank wire fee. Please note that the products ordered stay in our rightful possession until complete payment of the order amount. By selecting bank wire as a payment option you agree to these terms and conditions. Usually we suggest our customer to go for Credit or Debit Card payments for the transactions which are secured & safe transaction for online business. If the customer is not satisfied with our medicine then no refund will be present for that medications or pills.

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